About Us

Kadmon Commitment

Kadmon, a Sanofi Company, including all of its subsidiaries and organizational units (collectively, “Kadmon” or the “Company”), is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative products for serious unmet medical needs. To achieve our objectives, we behold ourselves to doing the right thing—to conduct business ethically and act with integrity in all aspects of our work—not just for ourselves, but for the patients, healthcare providers, stakeholders and members of the global community that rely on us.

At Kadmon, we strive to bring the highest ethical standards and level of integrity to our business activities by committing ourselves to:

  • fostering a workplace that is safe and free from harassment and/or discrimination;
  • complying with all laws and regulations of our industry, including upholding ethical scientific and clinical standards for the research we conduct;
  • following the laws and regulations regarding the promotion, marketing and sale of products, including ensuring that our messaging is truthful and not misleading;
  • conducting business ethically and honestly by ensuring compliance with not only applicable laws and regulations, but also with our own internal policies, procedures and guidelines;
  • protecting the confidential and proprietary information with which we are entrusted; and
  • making a positive impact on our community.

Collectively, this is the Kadmon Commitment.

To access our independently managed reporting system, go to https://sanofi.ethicspoint.com or call +1 800-648-1297.